·       This service provides a search interface on COVID-19 related discussions between company executives and stock analysts at earnings conference calls.

·       The data consist of 16,146 text excerpts around the mentions of “covid” in the conference transcripts.

·       References to COVID-19 are made during presentation (9,917) and Q&A (6,229) sessions of the conference call.

·       The data period is May 7th to May 15th, 2020. Despite the short period, the sample covers conference calls for over 1,500 companies around the world.


·       The underlying search engine is based on Azure Cognitive Search

·       For example, earnings+(EBITDA|EPS) will search for documents containing the "earnings" term and either "EBITDA" or "EPS" (or both).

·       Other options include wildcard and phrase searches

·       All entries for a particular event can be found using a phrase search on the event name (“Q1 2020 CRYOPORT INC EARNINGS CALL”)

Sort & Filter:

·       The left-hand-side panels provides options for the sorting and filtering the results.

·       The default sort is based on CovidScore, which measures the COVID-19 relevance of the conference call based on the total number of COVID-19 mentions.

·       Other sorting options include date, event name, speaker succession, and relevance of the queried keyword(s).

·       The filtering options allow to distinguish between COVID-19 references made by company representatives (SpeakerIsOrganizer=True) and analysts (=False)

·       Other filtering options relate to industries, event types, and event sessions (initial presentation or subsequent Q&A).



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